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    Is it possible to make an Ionized Directed Energy Weapon? Could I use Microwave parts to make one?
    I’m fascinated by Tesla’s works. Here is a list of parts to make this possible weapon.
    1. Negative Ion Generator
    2. Magnetron
    3. Tesla Globe-etc. Plasma Globe
    4. Metal Rod- with Coils wrapped around it.
    5. 22 Gauge Magnetic Wire
    6. Vacuum Tube-Triode Valve
    7. 4 Large Microwave Capacitors
    8. Cooling Tank-Cooling Fan
    9. Trigger
    10. Glass Bowl ( Inside DEW ) with Charged Particles consisting of Plasma and Ions?
    11. Batteries-Generator-Inverter
    Please let me know if there are any errors with parts. Also, please add links that could help me understand charged particle beams and how they work. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      No it’s not possible, at least not for you. Possibly for a team of experienced physicists with lots of money and time.

tesla valve

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